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Growing with Android

In today’s time, Android is something that is dominating the smartphone market. Right now Android is something that is considered to be old since it became available for development around 19 years ago for developers. Since then it has evolved for the better, starting with Eclipse and then gradually moving to Android Studio in 2013. It started with a couple of hundred developers and now there are almost 12 million worldwide. The main reason for such a vast number is that Android Studio has made developing so much easier that literally anyone can learn it and launch an app on the app store within a month(tho your app might not be that good, but still it’s the ability to have something of your own to the world that counts)....


Simplicity is key to Designing

A lot of my juniors, as well as my peers, have come up to me asking how they can improve their design while developing an app or a website since they are on their own and can't hire a designer for everything. Mostly I realized that I am giving out the same advice to all of them of course with some exceptions to the usage of my words, but the crux remains the same every time. Some of the Design Principles that I follow are pretty basic and can be applied by anyone be it a newbie or a professional person.


From Design To Development

have been coding applications on android for a long time now and being a native java coder I have to code the front-end part in XML which let’s face it gets a lot tedious when you don’t have a design set in your mind and almost every developer has faced this issue. From making layouts to fields to animations the process gets too time consuming if you start from scratch....